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This year Polesworth Church will be hosting our Confirmation services.  They are also running a 'Nurture' course to help prepare anyone who is interested.  The course is held on Saturdays and the content is as below:

29th Feb 11.00 - 12.30                   The Prodigal Son Saturday

7th March11.00 - 12.30                  Good Friday and Easter

14th March                                      Abbey Cleaning - no session today!

21st March11.00 - 12.30                Life and Risen Life

28th March11.00 - 12.30               God’s people alive! 

4th April                                           Getting ready for Holy Week - Pilgrimage

Confirmation is on Sunday 31st May


For more details please click HERE

ALPHA course?


We are running an ALPHA course between Wednesday 4th February and Easter.  This is a course designed to introduce you to the basics of faith in Jesus in a relaxed and informal way.  The idea is that those attending meet together for a meal and then for some teaching - we are going to use recordings, which is then followed by some informal discussion.  If you want to read more about ALPHA click HERE

The course content is as follows - the dates (mostly Wednesdays) are included:

05/02          Is there more to life than this?  BEFORE eating and Who is Jesus after meal?

12/02          Why did Jesus Die?

19/02          How can I have faith?

26/02          Why and how do I pray?

04/03          Why and how should I read the Bible? BEFORE eating and How Does God Guide us after meal?

11/03          Who is the Holy Spirit? and Intro to the weekend coming... 

Saturday 12/03

What does the Holy Spirit Do?

How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?

How can I make the most of the rest of my life?  

18/03          How can I resist evil?

25/03          Why and how should I tell others

01/04          Does God heal today

08/04          What about the church and a wrap for the course

12/04          EASTER DAY (not part of the course but come and celebrate at church)


IF you are unable to attend this time around - it is short notice.  Can you please let us know as we are hoping to run a further course later in the year.

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