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Holy Trinity is the most recent of the five churches in the Parish of All Souls, erected in 1841 as an outpost of the church of St Editha in Polesworth.  For the first eight years it remained directly under the governance of Polesworth but in 1849 Warton was granted the status of an independent ecclesiastical parish.  Interestingly, the civil parish of Warton remains very much part of Polesworth Parish Council.

The building itself is unpretentious and has been described by some as a “Victorian box”.  The external appearance is much the same as when it was first built, except that its outlines have been mellowed by the numerous trees which have grown to maturity around it.  Inside, however, it is very different from the rather austere layout of a small 19th century village church.  


In 1998 the interior of the building was totally re-ordered: hard wooden pews, deemed hazardous to young children because they did not have solid backs, were replaced with much more comfortable padded seats and the hard tiled floor covered with carpet.  Not all traces of the original furnishings have disappeared, however: the timbers from the old pews were skilfully recycled by church members to create a lectern and cupboards for books, storage and kitchen facilities. It is certainly the cosiest of our five churches and the easiest to heat!  


The Role of Church Warden at Holy Trinity is currently vacant. 

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