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Online ideas for worship and prayer

As we gently feel our way forward out of lockdowns there will still be those among us who will not be able to join, for many different reasons our face to face worship. We are blessed that there is a variety of different opportunities to worship and pray that we can join in with from home. And we give thanks to neighbouring parishes for sharing with us both during interregnum and we were without a vicar and ongoing - why reinvent the wheel when they is good stuff out there!

Below is a selection of useful links (In PURPLE) that you may find helpful in prayer and worship from home. 

Morning Prayer at 7am (or watch on catch-up later!) - Join St Paul's Fazeley for a half hour service of readings and prayer each morning Mon-Sat inclusive.  Sundays are morning worship at 10am.  The link is to their Facebook page where you can access these helpful 'services' that will start your day off focusing on Jesus.  They can also be found on You Tube.  They also 'do' an evening prayer and offer 'talks over tea' - these are available via their facebook page.  Look for Peel Parishes.  Just to say that this continues and will be doing so for the foreseeable future. 

Polesworth Abbey - Fr Philip has uploaded his weekly services to YouTube.  If you'd like to view them follow the LINK

New Wine on line - Break out - click image for link

Resources for Kids (secondary school age) going back to school/starting a new school - just click on the title and it will take you to the resource.  Adults may also find some useful thoughts....

Introduction and Friendship:

Tough Times:



Being the best you can:

Tool Kit: 

Coronavirus prayer - YouTube


Daily Bread Devotionals - Helping you to connect with God Every day, Every way - WEBSITE OR

Daily Bread Devotionals - YouTube site


Church of England Website - find resources for: Coronavirus, Links to churches streaming near Austrey, Daily services online (just scroll down to find everything)

Further Church of England page - prayers focused on Coronavirus including Prayers for Children

Soul Café Facebook page

Tackling Anxiety - Talk (within a service)

Scripture Union - A great website to find resources for all the family

Youth For Christ Website

Thy Kingdom Come - a CofE built website with lots of resources and ideas, especially around prayer

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