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In 1155 the church was given to the priory of St Mary of Monmouth by the son of Richard of Hatton but reverted to his heirs after his death.  In the year 1248 Phillipus de Asselis is listed as the first vicar of St Nicholas Church. The church would then have been the tower and some other parts which no longer exist. The oldest part of the present church was built in the middle of the 13th century, the remains being rebuilt early in the 14th century.  In the Victorian era, the original leaded roof was replaced with the current pitched roof and the porch was added. 

Inside the church are several notable features.  In the north aisle, there is a 13th century large stone coffin and under the flooring close to it there is a stone showing the grave of Thomas Monk and his wife Sarah. The tablet on the wall of the north aisle was erected in memory of their three sons who died prematurely. Towards the back of the nave, there is a 16th century oak chest with fleur-de-lis shaping on the straps.

The organ is constructed from two organs combined to make an instrument with a very good tone.  It was moved to St Nicholas from a Methodist church which was being closed down. The chiming clock was installed in 1923 as a war memorial to those who died in the First World War and inside the church on the wall near the main door, is a memorial in memory of 5 villagers who died in the First World War. The only completely stained glass window is on the south side.  Some of the glass is from the 14th century. The oldest remaining stained glass window is above the piscine.


I am Heather Cooke, churchwarden at St Nicholas Church, Austrey.  I am married to Martin and have three sons and a rescue dog. We have lived in the village for 31 years and have taken an active part in village life.  I enjoy bell ringing, swimming, cycling and walking so like to keep busy.

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